Our Vision

To develop the relationships and stewardship strategies necessary to ensure a future for the Nehalem Watershed that includes ecologically connected, functional and productive landscapes, viable economies, and vibrant human communities.

We would suggest that you begin by reading this page and the executive summary in the “Project Overview” menu.  Then look at the detailed information for one of the “targets” that interests you.  Each “target” can be downloaded as a pdf file. 

The implementation menu provides background on the project implementation including priority strategies, implementation team membership,  implementation work plans, maps, and strategy references.

The “posts” section of this site will be used to provide updates on the progress of implementation of the plan, suggestions for plan improvements and new information related to the plan content.

We continue to seek new people to help us in implementing this plan.  If you would like to get involved put you name, area of interest and phone number (or email address) in any of the comment boxes and we will contact you.  Or, if you prefer, you can directly contact any of the members of the implementation team listed at the bottom of this page.

There is a lot here.  Have fun!

Funding generously provided by: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Columbia River Estuarine Coastal Fund and Portland General Electric’s Salmon Habitat Fund

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